Mangalore Aiport (IXE) – Parking

At Mangalore Airport there are 200 parking places. The parking is right next to the passenger Terminal. For more information about the parking prices at Mangalore Airport please contact at:

Adress: Kenjar, Bajpe, Mangaluru, Karnataka, 574142, India

Contact number: +91 8242220422

Mangaluru Airport, also called Bajpe Airport, is one of the two international airports of the Indian state of Karnataka. Located in the coastal Indian city of Mangalore, it is very near Bajpe city. Mangalore Aiport has the special feature that it is located on top of a hill. The capital city of Karnataka is Bangalore.

Must-see Attractions

Kadri Hill Park is the biggest park in Mangalore where you can enjoy all the diversity of horticulture, reptiles, rare birds, sambar and other animal species you’ve probably never seen.

The Indian state of Karnakata counts with the Lad Khan Temple, which was made by the kings of Chalukya dynasty, a construction dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Within Karnataka you can find the astonishing mix of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist cave temples, Badami Temples, built manmade in the 6th century. And finally, the Hampi Monuments, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are an iconic symbol of the region.