Mangalore Aiport (IXE) - Transport

There is no public transport to go from Mangalore Airport to Mangalore city centre. You will ned to take a taxi or to rent a car for it.

Once you reach Mangalore city you can move around with Taxi, Train, Bus or with Auto rickshaws.

- Taxi: the ride from Mangalore Airport to Mangalore city centre takes about 15 minutes and can cost between 350 and 400 rupees (between 5 and 6 euros).

- Train: there are 2 main railway stations in Mangalore: Mangalore Central station, located in the very heart of the city centre, and Mangalore Junction station, located in Kankanady, where you can find many long distance trains.

- Bus: there are 2 main bus stops for long distance trips: one is KSRTC in the north of Mangalore, and another one behind the Town Hall, known as State Bank, because it is very near the State Bank of India. Travelling by bus within Mangalore city can be quite useful. Distances can be quite big so it is very practical to use the bus. Buses which travel within Mangalore city start working at 06:00h and finish aroud 21:00h.

- Autorickshaws: it is not possible to get an autorickshaw at Mangalore Airport, but if you wish, you can try to get the city by taxi or by renting a car and once there, try to get one rickshaw to move around, it is practical and typical in the country.